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Video Review: Masuuka by Lydia Jasmine.

The music tittle itself Masuuka bears a correlation with the visuals . Alot of expectations may be raised upon listening to the audio song having a look at what the video portrays .
In the opening scenes of the video, it is coupled with clear art put up by the make up artists and the location of the scene with its natural beauty,  leaves everything  worthy appreciating. Jasmine chose white costumes at the beach  and they give the video a romantic and intimate feel.

The transition from the beach settings to a closed room and change of costumes from white to red with a bright light red background is magical.
When embarks on calling out for love creates more memorable relations from the audio to the visuals.

For 2018 , a beautiful feel and romantic touch that one would offer to watch with their spouse is "Masuuka" by Lydia Jasmine, apart from being a good vocalist and talented singer,  this is yet another master class of good Ugandan music.

Audio song review - Your Love.

Many people might think that this song will only become a hit  because of the combination of various artists on it.however, this is not the only reason.

The Jamaican touch and the dancehall rhythm in it  will force any  every party animal to stand on their feet and dance to the tune.

The beats itself qualifies it to be a club banger. Having Pitbul, Charly Black , Honereble, and our very own Bebe Cool gives the song a better feel and reception by party animals.
Pitbul's flow and fusion of Jamaican patios  doesn't leave anyone seated.

Looking at the genre of  the song, it fits in the Ugandan style of music and market. Taking the gullibility of  of our very own Ugandan audience having seen Bebe Cool feature on this one leaves no stone unturned.

The tittle your love creates more mental pictures upon first hearing which makes it easy to relate to the message though its a little had to pick a word while the song is playing.

The dancehall song that brings out the traditional typical Ugandan music will be embraced by night club revellers. I feel the reception of this song has no objection on whoever gets to listen to it.
The inspirations of the song will basically target night club revellers and great party animals basically for whoever subscribes to dancehall music. 

However , all good can be said but in a nut shell the production was a sub standard one with poor or lacking in mastering. Gongs to our very own Herbert skills on this one .

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