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Gimme Gimme Lyrics - Jose Chameleone

[Intro]Ehh ehh ehh eh, ohh ohh ohh ohThis one is for you againEhh ehh ehh eh, ohh ohh ohh ohDance with the tune againWatch me[Bridge]Every time you need me I’ll be there, I don’t care, I don’t careReady to have you ready to hold ya and share, I don’t careCoz I don’t give a damn(Chorus)Gimme gimme gimme an IpsumGimme gimme you cry so IpsumGimme gimme am also handsomeAnd I got my money deGimme gimme gimme an IpsumI ride a Beemer not a IpsumGimme gimme am also handsomeThen I got my money de[Verse 1]I came by, gave you hiLooking through your eyes,You’re beautiful like one CinderellaI gave you a smile, you de give me a smileYou were looking so fly ah ah ah I,I don’t know what to doI don’t know what to sayBut am losing control of myself(Chorus)[Verse 2]I love the way that she dance oohThe way she shaking her hips soShe mixing up the disco, she’s so perfectoGimme your love and affectionGimme your body connectionGimme gimme gimme actionYou’re so cute I should mention,Love me love me love meLove me truly, love me babyYes or no(Chorus)[Bridge](Chorus till fade)
Jose Chameleone
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