Clean and Out Lyrics - Bobi wine and Mr G

[Intro (Mr G)]I’m Mr G alongside Bobi Wine di Ghetto PresidentHoping di gyal dem resident, seriously! (clean n out)Jamaican gyal dem (clean n out), me Kenyan gal dem (clean n out)Nigeria gyal dem (clean n out), Ugandan gyal dem (clean n out)South African sexy gal dem (clean n out, ye ssebo!)Ethiopian gal dem (clean n out), clean n out…[Chorus (Mr G)]Clean n out, clean n out, when you put on yo clothes, you’re clean n outClean n out, clean n out, inna ya likkle tight shorts, you’re clean n outBuss a whine fi mi gyal, you’re clean n out, deep white and pretty way in a motWire waist, broad hips, you’re clean n out, you’re clean n out, you’re clean n out[Verse 1 (Bobi Wine)]So cute mie gal she have dimple, and de way she move be so simpleLike a bicycle or ice bimbo, ice bimbo, ice bimboWhen you whine up your waist me ah kyankalana, amagulu gona ogafambaganaEvery time I see you, I get kasikonda, kasikonda, kasikonda(Chorus)[Verse 2 (Mr. G)]Anywhere you go you’re clean like a dot, magazine me baby worldwide atopFashion, billboard gyal you ah top di charts, some gyal ah carry belly fi ah dem ah oldForget ‘bout dem now pose fi di camera, show off your pretty clothes fi di cameraYour nice nails and toes fi di camera, champagne toast… fi di camera(Chorus)[Verse 3 (Bobi Wine)]Gal you gonda gonda like a belly dancer, inna MombasaOh my God super clean woman mi love ya complexion, unapendezaSo make all di whole world know woman you’re up and aboveFrom Montego Bay to ZanzibarYou ah dance nice when you de pon di floorSo Mr G and bad Bobi Wine tell dem(Chorus)[Verse 4 (Bobi Wine)]So gyal bump it up, shake it up, work it up, back it upMake sure di boss man ask for ya numberKirira, yambuka, kakanya, tingishaGyal knows woman you’re dynamiteYou posses the power to make every man stiffEver look fresh like a green ganja leafGal you are sweet n you know how to do itNyenya mpola onokutula omugongo(Chorus)[Outro (Bobi Wine)]My Jamaican gyals (clean n out), my Rwandese gyals (clean n out)My Indian gyals (clean n out), Sudanese gyals (clean n out)Clean n out, clean n out, clean n out, clean n out…
Bobi Wine
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