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Ekyama Lyrics - Radio & Weasel (Goodlyfe)

[Intro]Everyday I’ve been looking (no no, no no, no no)Girl you are that something (no no, no no, no no)Owayi, me and my gyal we have a big secret, love love love is our secretNash Wonder, you have a big secret, when you bang di beat, a big secretOwoyi woah…[Chorus (Radio)]Oba kyempulira okiwulira, ekinuma nawe okifeelingaKye kyaama kyetwekumira, tekisasana, tekisasanaNga kyempulira okiwulira, ekinuma nawe okifeelingaKye kyaama kyetwekumira, tekisasana, tekisasana[Verse 1 (Radio)]Wadde si nze gwewanonya edda, wadde si nze gwewalotta eddaWadde bulijjo obade opretendinga (pretending!)Opretendinga oyagala kufuna somebody ow’amazima (a true loving somebody!)Mazima si gwe gwenanonyanga? Baby, si gwe gwenalotanga?Naye abalala benali nesunga, nze banfrustratingaBy fortune, nenkumeetinga, you’re special…(Chorus)[Verse 2 (Weasel)]Welcome to me paradise where I’ll provideYou and me can make it to the end of the lineGirl you are killer, you are my typeYou’re sweeter than the sugar, girl you are hotter than the pepperLet’s stick together like glue, like Scooby you can give me a clueYou’re the number one girl that’s true (Nash Wonders tell dem, tell dem, tell dem)Girl let me promise, every time I will deliverI will keep you warm every time you make a shiverWe can make hits you and me forever, forever, forever, forever and ever (Chorus)[Bridge (Radio)]Everyday I’ve been lookingI’ve been looking for something, something, somethingGirl you are that somethingYou are that something, that something, that something, something[Verse 3 (Weasel)]Girl you are the treasure me ah search forEvery man ah around town wanna look forLike Judas me never betray yo, like Peter me nuh go deny yoYou bang dem up, girl you set all di tune, girl you mash dem upNobody test you, girl you mash dem upWith the style on di scene yes you mash dem upGirl you mash dem up, girll you burn them up(Chorus)[Outro (Weasel)]Never never take away the lovingI will never never take away your loving my girl, I will never take away the lovingMonster Studio, studio, studio, yho yho… It’s a Radio brand new technologyMash dem up, mash dem up Nash Wonders, Bash Wonders… bash dem outHahahaha… ne kano mukakope
Radio & Weasel
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