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2015 Wrap Up Lyrics - Ruyonga

Wrap Up 2015Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another yearSeems reviewing the one that just ended is only fairI even heard the social media awards are back30th March at The Serena’s where they’re gone be atCourtesy of Blu Flamingo so you know it’s gone be packedSo if you miss them then die from the FOMO, don’t be madCant say I never told you, now back to the task at hand,2015 was crazy, it started with a bangand not a good one either, shots fired in parie,Terrorists killed 11, hashtag je suis CharlieOur first splash on the scene was when, Kony’s General,Dominic Ongwen, went and turned himself in -From victim to kingpin, his crimes against humanityHave him currently awaiting trial before the ICCAnd music had it’s first taste of insanityAs Kanye West almost Tailor Swifted Beck’s Grammys speech, John Stewart said his time at The Daily Show was over,His impressive successor was S A’s Trevor NoahI guess John, felt black lives matter, while the copWho popped Walter Scott, seemed to disagree on the matter,And with all these issues on race and what we could address -People still had time to debate the color of the dressWas it black and blue? Or was it white and GoldDid Flavia really turn down advances from J Cole? -Some german pilot caused tragedy for his clientsBy intentionally crashing the same plane he was flyingSo much bad news, we needed something to give us joyIn stepped socialite Seanice, birthing a baby boy Congrats, Boss, Jokes, you know it’s all funLike Salvador taking down Serena by his lonesomeOne man show, he completely sold the house outJoke after joke, he completely brought the house downLaughter rumbled like an earthquake coming from the halls -Sadly real earthquakes killed 8,000 in NepalEddy Kenzo is still undoubtedly the king,Giving Uganda it’s first BET Award win,And some cats felt otherwise but they ain’t bring back the prizeAs Konshens came again for what seemed like the hundredth time -From Patoranking to Diamond Platnumz, those gigs were G yoBut we know, the concert of the year almost went to Neyo,From crowds to set to production, it was legit,Felt like the Oval held as many people as it could fit,Yeah, that event would’ve definitely taken the cakeIf we’d not become a stop on The Pope’s World Tour Dates Cause soon as he touched down, he pulled crowds that shut it downEven enemies shook hands because he’d come aroundAnd once homey got to the shrine and he blessed the mic(Whoo), them Pope bars had every listener set for life,Too bad these old heads can’t understand the word finished,Ain’t raise no standards, only thing they lift(ing) is term limits,Claim they got still got it, but they just looking sloppey,I just hope they don’t get caught slipping, what up Mugabe?If only these dudes who refuse to be movedCould all stop and ask themselves, what would Magufuli do?But till then, some entertainers figured if standing by MzeeWas gonna get them dimes then hey, Tubonga NaweProblem is now the country’s looked at them sidewaysCause it’s kind of obvious it was all about payOne cause that brought artists together for the positive wasWhen they fundraised for the late Rose NyakabirwaThey cleared her medical balance at an impressive speedSadly she still passed away though so RIPWe also lost Barley Francis, Big Ups to the LegendFrom the first to the finish, that’s a dude who representedBack in the states, it shocked hearing bout that white elitistShooting up that Charleston church killing nine black believersNo peace in the Middle East, as world mediacovered the tens of thousands fleeing war torn Syriathen add the mass killings all in the name of religionEgyptians sliced on a Libyan beach for being ChristianSame with the Garissa Campus shootings of all those KenyansAll cause of ISIS’s world conquering intentionsThat heat and May weather brought with it that MayweatherVersus Pacquaio fight titled the Battle for GreatnessThe build up was more exciting than the actual fightingSeemed like Mayweather basically ducked his way to the titleNow last year both here at home and in the statesWe watched the candidates start their presidential raceTrump gave everyone a run they ain’t anticipateHe played his opposition harder than some drum and baseGay rights activists last year made some major playsFrom gay marriage legalized in all fifty statesTo Vietnam and even Ireland doing the sameSo for the Christians, I guess all that they could do is praySpeaking of prayer, some whatsappers are out of order,That’s word to that one prayer group and Brother Ocholla,From Sports to Music to politics, what can I sayIf I tried to exhaust them all, we’d be here all daySo shout outs to web growth, Opera and props to googleShout Outs to trace, you know it’s music business as usualShout outs to all the nominees, I hope you know your winnersRuyonga.com’s the site, Ruyongamusic is the twitterAnd so for now we’ll stop it here and chill where this verse isAnd end it on a high note like Justin Bieber’s purposeSo for 2015, that’s the year in reviewAnd we’ll be doing more of these, so we’ll be seeing you soon
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